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The W.M. Schlosser Co would like you to bid on the following Project, which has work in the following 
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01200-WMS Employees

Please fax your Scope of Work 2-3 days before the bid due date to 301-773-1806, or email to: cgeter@wmschlosser.com

Project Name:

Mitchell Courthouse Elevator Upgrade Baltimore Cty

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Owner: City of Baltimore, DGS. Contract No. GS 16816
Details: Contract Amount: $3-4M / Duration: 365 days
Bid Due Date: 11/22/2017 11:00:00 AM  (Sub-Bids are DUE to WMS at least 2 hours prior)

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3. REPLY directly to this email to request printed PLANS from our estimator.

DESCRIPTION: This project involves the renovation of three (3) passenger elevators, one(1) prisoner elevator and one(1) freight elevator. Additionally, one(1) new passenger elevator will be installed in an existing shaft. Additional work includes ADA and safety upgrades, lanterns and signals and architectural upgrades. Major trades include: selective demolition; miscellaneous metals; millwork; finishes; terrazzo tiling; elevators; HVAC; and electrical. The project is phased. The building will be occupied during construction. All work must be done at nighttime. There is a Wage Scale and the project is Taxable.

Bid Instructions:  The bid date has changed from November 22nd to December 13th. Addendum one had no changes to the drawings. Please review Addendum two for RFI answers and changes to the drawings/specifications. Addendum 3 has answers to RFIs and changes to the specifications. Please review as well. Addendum 4 changed the bid date from December 13th, 2017 to January 9th, 2018. Addendum 5 changed the bid date from January 9th to February 14th, 2018. Addendum 6 changed the bid date from February 14th to February 28th. Addendum 7 has RFI answers as well as changes to the drawings and specifications.  

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4. You can access the Plans & Specs online at [www.WMSchlosser.com]
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Note:  Please do not delete this email until after the bid due date.  It can be used in the future to directly access additional plans, specs & addendums, and digitally view or print them free of charge.

Should there be any questions regarding your bid, feel free to contact me at my office.

Candice Geter
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